Social Reform or Revolution



Image: Rosa Luxemburg. [Source:]

Written: 1900, 1908
Source: Social Reform or Revolution, by Rosa Luxemburg
Publisher: Militant Publications, London, 1986 (no copyright)
First Published: 1900 (revised second edition 1908)
Translated: Integer
Online Version: Rosa Luxemburg Internet Archive ( 1999
Transcription/Markup: A. Lehrer

Reform or Revolution?

Image: Reform or Revolution? [Source:]



Chapter 1: The Opportunist Method

Chapter 2: The Adaptation of Capitalism

Chapter 3: The Realisation of Socialism Through Social Reforms

Chapter 4: Capitalism and the State

Chapter 5: The Consequences of Social Reformism and General Nature of Reformism

Chapter 6: Economic Development and Socialism

Chapter 7: Co-Operatives, Unions, Democracy

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Image: Reflections on resistance, reform, and revolution [Source:]

There are some good YouTube Videos that talk about Luxemburg’s “Social Reform or Revolution”: