Why COSAS must prioritise its student struggles more

The Young Communist League Brian Bunting District is appalled at the recently published statement of COSAS Dullar Omar Region. That statement reads more like a riot act to be followed without affording its readership including its membership (Cosas)any opportunity to understand how the disciplinary process undertaken by the National Disciplinary Committee of the ANC that unfortunately claimed the scalp of former Chairperson of the African National Congress Western Cape Province, Comrade Marius Fransman affects and betrays the struggles of learners/student on High Schools

The YCL Brian Bunting District condemns this short termism of COSAS, it must desist from defocusing its energies from fighting battles that are way beyond their scope, particularly battles in the Tripartite Alliance.

YCL calls on COSAS to strengthen their student base by applying more mind in advocating for student bias struggles on High Schools, there are many pertinent struggles on High Schools that are yearning for the attention of COSAS.

COSAS must guide its social base in seeking answers for student plights, in particular, wage struggles that are materially beneficial to its membership, raise issues that speak to the heart of student strife.

There are many burning matters to be considered by COSAS as the YCL Brian Bunting District we will not shy away from assisting COSAS to locate these matters: the questions of inadequate textbooks for learners, unresourced libraries at Schools, Food security, violence on schools and the social reality of sanitary towels to become a dispensary necessity on schools for our female comrades etc.

The YCL Brian Bunting District implores COSAS to retreat from trying to mitigate and breaking a nerve on ANC Disciplinary outcomes, it has little or no value to student struggles on high schools, if it continues on this trajectory, COSAS risks being reduced to a quintessential child soldier bloc, we urge them to refocus their charisma and give more weight to student related struggles than supporting paedophiles.Cosas must join PYA structures on a call for free fee tertiary education now tomorrow is later.

Issued by YCL Brian Bunting District Spokesperson
Vusumzi Matheza


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